SANIT STUDIO, Ltd. is a design office which is specialized in drawing the project documentation for the following professions :

  • sewer systems, water supply systems and gas conduit systems
  • water structures ( sewerage plants, water wells, grease and oil traps, swimming pools connecting etc.)

We are able and authorized to draw the project documentation of the professions stated above for all types of civil buildings and industrial objects even in computer processing.
The firm itself was established in 1991 but in 1998 it became SANIT STUDIO, Ltd. We have been cooperating with the forward Hradec Králové’s architect studios and design offices. Due to our many yeared branch experience and professional job we have been doing, we have become the forward design office in this branch in our region.
Here are just some examples we could mention if you ask us about what references we have:

  • PRIMA Náchod, Trutnov and Nymburk; BAUMARKT and GLOBUS Pardubice; DROXI Všechromy; CARREFOUR Hradec Králové
  • SIEMENS and INFINEON Trutnov; AGROSLUŽBY Hradec Králové
  • Pensioners´ home in Hradec Králové and Třebechovice, Charles University‘s Medical Faculty in Hradec Králové – horizontal sewer system etc.

We believe that you were interested in our short presentation and we look forward to our cooperation with you.